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Thin film high speed laser microhole processing system

Multiple laser heads are used for splicing, rewinding and unwinding step processing, which can add correction function. It is suitable for high-speed micro-hole processing of wide-screen film.
The laser system and auxiliary system are designed according to the specific machining requirements to meet the requirements of aperture, machining speed, precision and effect.
Product features:
1. Design the laser system according to the material and processing requirements, comprehensively consider the aperture, speed, stability, price and other factors, the minimum aperture can be up to 5 microns
2. Parallel processing by multiple laser systems can expand the processing width (up to 2m) and improve the processing speed of micropores
3. Ultra-high speed laser scanning head, with a step of 1mm up to 10kHz frequency, can greatly improve the drilling speed
4. Step winding up and unwinding can increase deviation correction function and meet the demanding requirements of micro-hole processing
5. Maintenance-free, to meet industry 24/7 continuous operation

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