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Laser precision micromachining

1. Adopt high power and high stability ultraviolet laser to directly burn vaporized materials, muon grade processing aperture, muon grade heat affected zone;
2. Control beam deviation with high speed and high precision through imported precision mirror, so as to realize precision micro-hole processing on high-speed small-format surface;
3. Realize high-speed, high-precision and large-area microhole processing through platform translation of micron grade high-speed linear motor;
4. The z-axis is electrically adjustable to adapt to materials of different thickness and meet the processing requirements of specific taper hole;
5. The side-axis super-resolution industrial camera is used for the full-width error correction of the galvanometer, ultra-high precision focusing, and online measurement to ensure the stability and accuracy of the system in long-term use;
6. The system adopts marble table to improve the comprehensive stability of the system. All the mechanical parts are carefully selected to ensure long-term accuracy.
7. The minimum machined micropore diameter is 5 microns, the overall machined precision is ±4 microns, the local characteristic precision is < 3 microns, and the machined width is 300*300mm;
8. Used for precision micromachining of metal, ceramics, silicon, glass, organic materials, such as micro-hole machining and precision cutting.
Compared with edm micro-hole machining, mechanical drilling, chemical corrosion, mechanical punching, etc., laser precision micro-hole machining has the following advantages:
High speed (up to 4000 holes per second)
High accuracy (< 3 microns)
No material limitation (metal, ceramic, silicon, organic matter, etc.)
Pass programmable (minimum 5 microns, specific taper hole)
The distribution can be customized (machining format 300mm*300mm) without mold and mask
No pollution and no consumables
Direct processing

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