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Laser fine processing equipment

This machine is a processing platform for cutting, drilling, etching and other forms of materials by laser.
Product features:
◆ wide application of equipment, high platform compatibility
◆ many processing technology, to deal with a variety of precision processing requirements
◆ the equipment can be upgraded with large space and strong expansibility
Performance indexes:
◆ laser type: semiconductor pump laser (wavelength optional)
◆ laser power: ≥ 8-100w (optional)
◆ cooling mode: closed cycle water cooling
◆ scanning speed: 3000mm/s
◆ slide size: 8 inches
◆ laser processing effect: < 20um (edge breakage & thermal effect)
◆ width of cutting track: ≥ 30um
◆ cutting objects: metal, glass, ceramics, silicon, crystal, polymer materials, etc
◆ processing mode: CAD guide schema scan
Applied materials and fields:
Used for precision machining of most materials (cutting, drilling, etching, surface treatment, grooving, etc.)

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