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Plastic laser welding machine

The advantages of laser welding in plastic welding include: precise welding, firm and sealed airtight and watertight, less resin degradation, less debris produced in the welding process, the surface of the product can be closely connected around the weld. Laser welding has no residual advantage, according to the setting of welding power can welding thickness of more than 1mm.
Welding quality high precision high stability professional plastic welding equipment high degree of automation
Product features:
1. Simple operation, easy to use and control.
2. PC operation.
3. Fast operation speed,
Applicable materials and industries:
Commonly used welding materials are PP, PS, PC, ABS, resin, polyamide, PMMA, polyformaldehyde, PET and PBT
In the automotive industry, laser welding plastic technology can be used to make many automotive parts, such as fuel nozzle, shift frame, engine sensors, cab frame, hydraulic tank, filter frame, headlights and taillights. Other automotive applications include the manufacture of intake manifold and auxiliary water pumps.
In the medical field, laser welding technology can be used to manufacture liquid storage tanks, liquid filtration devices, hose connectors, stomy bags, hearing AIDS, implants, microfluidic devices for analysis.
Plastic laser welding machine in the application of welding plastics is very wide, the two industries cited above are just the tip of the iceberg. In short, the future application prospects are broad.

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