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Track type laser plastic welding machine

Product features:
The equipment is mainly composed of 100W fiber coupling output semiconductor laser, special laser welding joint, four-axis motion control software and three-axis robot module. Adopt fully enclosed laser radiation protection in accordance with international standards and integrated design of machine, electricity, water and gas; With continuous track teaching and remote control functions.
A synchronous pyrometer can be attached to reliably identify any abnormalities in the welding line and welding temperature.
Clean welding, no stress welding, beautiful appearance.
Product advantages:
1. The welding area has only a shallow weld, and the welding area has a beautiful appearance;
2. Good at welding products with complex shapes, theoretically welding workpiece of any size, suitable for irregular 3D part welding;
3. Low demand for laser power;
4. On-line monitoring can be carried out by CCD and temperature probe;
5. There is no resin degradation and almost no debris in the welding process. After welding, it can be directly used without cleaning.
Suitable materials: ABS, PP, PE, PA, PC, PS, PVC, PBT, POM, PET, PMMA and other thermoplastic materials and various modified engineering plastics.
Plastic auto parts, plastic medical instruments, electronic and electrical products, plastic shell, lighting products, etc.
Body parts, headlights, taillights, dashboards, engine compartments, solar panels, intake manifolds or liquid containers.

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